Season 1 | 2,222 Freakz

How to

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How to Mint

  1. Create a Cardano wallet. Examples of compatible wallets include CCVault, Nami, Daedalus, Yoroi, and Gero.
    • Never attempt to purchase an NFT from an exchange. They do not support them (and you can’t control your ADA staking)!
  2. Fund your wallet with enough ADA to cover the mint price and at least 2 extra ADA to cover fees.
  3. Locate the “Send” tab in your chosen wallet, and identify the receiver/receiving address field.
  4. Return to this website during the mint, and click the Mint button.
  5. Follow the instructions in the popup window to provide your wallet address and number of NFTs you want to buy.
  6. Click the copy button to copy the sale address to your clipboard.
  7. Paste the address into the receive address field in your Cardano wallet application.
    • After pasting any crypto address, always double-check the address to confirm where you’re sending.
  8. Enter the total amount in the ADA amount field.
  9. Confirm the transaction. Double-check all details and enter your spending password.
  10. NFTs can take some time to deliver depending on the Cardano network load. Generally, expect to see it within a few minutes to a few hours.
  11. You’ll be given a refund if you sent the wrong amount, or if the NFTs are sold out when we process your transaction.
  12. To view your NFTs, go to and paste any of your receiving addresses into the search field.
Entering the minting address into your Cardano Wallet application
Entering the mint amount into your Cardano Wallet application
Entering your password into your Cardano Wallet application

Join the MetaFreakz Community


How many total MetaFreakz?

There will be a total of 8,888 MetaFreakz, released in seasons of 2,222.

When is the next MetaFreakz drop?

We do not currently have an exact date to offer for Season 1 of MetaFreakz. However, we are working diligently with a goal of releasing by the end of March. We are currently refining our metadata and focusing on building our community.

How much will MetaFreakz cost?

For Season 1 the cost will be ₳50 per NFT, or ₳45 for those who’ve earned the OG role in our Discord.

Can I print my Freakz?

Yes! Your Freakz come at a high resolution of 2160×2700 and are perfect for printing!

Do MetaFreakz offer utility?

MetaFreakz is an art first project. We do plan to do some airdrops for lucky holders and give holders access to exclusive merchandise. We are in talks with a Stake Pool Operator and will consider exploring staking rewards for holders & stakers.

We’d like to do more, but we are hesitant to make any promises and want our mint to be focused on the art. We’d rather under promise and over deliver than vice versa. We have our ears open to feedback as the community grows!

What’s next for MetaFreakz?

Currently we are focused on the smooth rollout of Season 1 as we continue to create more Freakz for the next season. Based on community feedback we plan to introduce more community activity and holder benefits going forward!

What’s with the Freakz with no metadata?

The Freakz with no information in their metadata are our Founder’s Freakz. They were the first Freakz minted to explore the idea of the collection. They were created using a minting tool that didn’t allow for custom metadata.

How do I know if a MetaFreakz NFT is legit?

If you’re considering picking up a MetaFreakz (or any other) NFT on the aftermarket, you should compare the policy ID of the NFT you are acquiring with the policy ID of the collection it is supposed to belong to.

Our Season 1 policy ID is:

Our Founder’s Freakz policy ID is:

Are there royalties?

Yes, MetaFreakz have a 7% royalty applied. We will make use of this fund to give back to the community through both ADA and NFT giveaways, and funding future MetaFreakz endeavors like merch and collabs.

How do I view my MetaFreakz?

The best way to view Cardano NFTs is through Go to the website and paste your address into the search, or simply visit